05.09.2020 Map & Fold Festival, Schlachthaus Tübingen, Germany. Performance of Dark Matter with BEER.
21-25.07.2020 NIME2020 Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. Solo performance, demo and performance with BEER.
01-02.05.2020 BEAST FEaST 2020. Installation and paper. [link]
14.12.2019 Sonic Experiments: Telematics. ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany. CECIA. [link]
30.11.2019 NEXT Festival, Bratislava, Slovakia: Intra-action. [link]
08.10.2019 Influx: Alchimie, Musiques et Recherches, L’Espace Senghor, Brussels: portrait concert. [link]
13.09.2019 Convergence Festival/Conference, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK: Textonics
07.09.2019 Ars Electronica Festival, AI x Music, Linz, Austria: Texton Mirrors
11.07.2019 11th Beyond Humanism Conference, Catholic University of Lille, France. Paper: Technological Listening and Intra-Faces of Sound.
04.05.2019 BEAST FEaST 2019, Bramall Music Building, Birmingham, UK: Textonics.

Jornadas de Musica Contemporanea CCMC 2019 - BLAST concert, Bogota, Colombia: Cataract.

16.03.2019 Spaces/Places, Reaktorhallen R1 Stockholm. Concert curated by Savannah Agger for Audiorama: Textonics.
06.12.2018 Spaces/Places, Sentralen, Oslo. Concert curated by Savannah Agger for Audiorama: Latitudes.
28.10.2018 BEER, live coding at MANTIS festival, University of Manchester. Dark Matter.
13.09.2018 IKO/OSIL Symposium, Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics, Graz, Austria. Paper. Topology of Spatial Texture.
07.08.2018 ICMC 2018, Daegu, Korea. Paper. Topographic Synthesis: Parameter distribution in spatial texture.
21.07.2018 10th Beyond Humanism Conference, Wroclaw, Poland. Paper. Posthuman Listener in Postnatural Ecology: On speculative synthesis in computer music.
20.07.2018 10th Beyond Humanism Conference, Wroclaw, Poland: Performance.
04.06.2018 NIME 2018 (New Interfaces for Musical Expression), Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA. US.
09.05.2018 Noisefloor Festival. Staffordshire University, Stoke-On-Trent. UK
28.04.2018 BEAST FEaST 2018, University of Birmingham, UK
19.04.2018 Sonorities Festival, SonicLab, SARC, Belfast, UK. Spheroid.
17.04.2018 Institute of Electronic Music, Graz, Austria. Guest lecture and concert.
24.03.2018 Azimuth #6 Weekender, The Hague, NL: Multichannel live set; new work.
28.02.2018 Musiques & Recherches Concert: L'Espace Senghor, Brussels, BE: Catabolisms.

Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts. BEER, Dark Matter.

Brighton. UK.

03.02.2018 Bangor Music Festival. BEER, Dark Matter. Live Coding. Bangor, UK.
05.12.2017 Matera Intermedia Festival. Live set: Spheroid.
17.11.2017 BEER, Dark Matter. Live Coding at University of Falmouth, UK.
15.11.2017 Research Seminar at University of Bournemouth, UK.
17.10.2017 ICMC 2017 International Computer Music Conference. Shanghai, China: Spheroid.
09-12.08.2017 TIES 2017 Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium, Toronto, Canada: Spheroid
06.07.2017 SMC 2017 Sound and Music Computing Conference, Espoo, Finland: Spheroid
08.06.2017 Institute of Sonology, The Hague: guest lecture.
08.06.2017 Ephémère, Studio Loos, The Hague, NL: live set.
02.06.2017 WFS Festival, MOOOF Den Haag, The Hague, NL: Elemental Chemistry.
29.04.2017 BEAST FEaST 2017. Elgar Concert Hall, Bramall Music Building, Birmingham: Spheroid.
11.02.2017 BEAST Pantry Session. Dome, Bramall Music Building, Birmingham: Spheroid (premier).
22.09.2016 University of Greenwich, London. Guest concert.
05-07.08.2016 CubeFest, Moss Arts Center, Cube and Perform Studio, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, US: live, site-specific.
03.06.2016 University of Cologne, Institute of Musicology: Guest lecture and concert
30.04.2016 BEAST FEaST 2016. Elgar Concert Hall, Bramall Music Building, Birmingham: Shale.
17.02.2016 CrossCurrents MiniBEAST. Dome, Bramall Music Building, Birmingam. Concert and research talk: Clinamen (Premier).
10.02.2016 Actress & LCO at Barbican, London w. Boiler Room: sound design.
31.10.2015 BEAST: Footsteps. Bramall Music Building, University of Birmingham: Latitudes.
25.10.2015 LCO Hub Session, Roundhouse, London: new live work.
04.06.2015 Klang! électroacoustique festival 2015, Montpellier, France: portrait concert.
12.05.2015 Sound/Place Exhibition, St. James Hatcham Gallery, New Cross, London: duo with Lee Fraser.
22.03.2015 Conzertsender Nederland Radio, Netherlands: CATABOLISMS
26.02.2015 Dissolve Specific Objects, Rye Wax, Peckham London: duo with Lee Fraser.
23.02.2015 Fylkingen at Cafe Oto: duo with Lee Fraser.
13.02.2015 Agony Art, Chisendale Dance Space, London: Microcosm (video screening).
07.02.2015 Sounding the Great Hall, Goldsmiths University: improv with Lee Fraser & Roberto Crippa.
04.02.2015 Bournemouth University: guest concert and talk.
10.12.2014 Power Lunches, Dalston: duo with Lee Fraser.
28.11.2014 Block 336, Brixton, Morphogenèse CD Launch, sound installation, electroacoustic concert, live duo Erik Nyström–Lee Fraser.
15.10.2014 L'Espace du Son Metamorphoses Competition Final: CATABOLISMS
10.10.2014 LCO/Boiler Room at Manchester Albert Hall: Live electronics with Oliver Coates (cello) for Michael Gordon's 'Industry'.
10.09.2014 LAMOUR STHLM, Fylkingen, Stockholm, SWE: duo with Lee Fraser
07.05.2014 Otosono 1.1. Forest Centre Plus, Edinburgh: LUCENT VOIDS
25.04.2014 Sweet Thunder Festival, San Fransisco, US: CATABOLISMS
04.12.2013 Journees Nationales de l' Electroacoustique 2013. Amiens, France: LATITUDES
15.11.2013 Greatest Hits contemporary music festival, Hamburg: LUCENT VOIDS
18.10.2013 Ambit – Erik Nyström and Peiman Khosravi. Everything Wants To Run exhibition, BLOCK 366, Brixton, London.

16.08.2013 ICMC 2013 (International Computer Music Conference), Perth: LUCENT VOIDS

03.08.2013 LCMF 2013 (London Contemporary Music Festival) at Bold Tendencies, Peckham Car Park, London: CATABOLISMS.
01.07.2013 Royal Academy of Music, London, 19:30: LUCENT VOIDS
05.06.2013 SSSP2013, DMU, Leicester, 19:00: CATABOLISMS
24.05.2013 Vanishing Point, BEAST, University of Birmingham, 21:00: LATITUDES
22.05.2013 SuperCollider Symposium 2013,.ATLAS Black Box Theatre, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, US: LUCENT VOIDS
10.05.2013 Blurred Edges Festival, Hamburg. Hochschule für Musik und Theater: LUCENT VOIDS, CATABOLISMS
29.04.2013 Acousmatica VIII: Äänisäteitä. Black Box, Helsinki Music Centre: MULTIVERSE
11.04.2013 Composing Spaces Festival, Institute of Sonology, The Hague: ELEMENTAL CHEMISTRY (Wave Field Synthesis version)
11.02.2013 Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Alexander Gibson Opera Studio: CATABOLISMS
31.01.2013 From Tape to TypeDef, Sheffield. The Drama Studio: LUCENT VOIDS
30.10.2012 Institute of Sonology WFS Concert, ANNA@KV20, The Hague: ELEMENTAL CHEMISTRY
16.10.2012 Alchemy & the Transmutation of Sonic Matter, Acousmatic Concert, City University: LUCENT VOIDS
13.09.2012 ICMC 2012, Irzu, Ljubljana: CATABOLISMS
21.06.2012 Royal Academy of Music, London: CATABOLISMS
19.06.2012 L'ull cec, Wave Field Synthesis concert #02, Fabra i Coats, Barcelona: CATARACT
14.06.2012-16.06.2012 SONAR 2012, Barcelona, Game of Life Wave Field Synthesis Demonstration: CATARACT & ELEMENTAL CHEMISTRY
17.04.2012 SuperCollider Symposium 2012, City Unuversity, London: CATABOLISMS
13.03.2012 Institute of Sonology, Wave Field Synthesis Concert, ANNA@KV20, The Hague: CATARACT
13.12.2011 Game of Life, Wave Field Synthesis Demo Concert, ANNA@KV20, The Hague: ELEMENTAL CHEMISTRY.
26.10.2011 Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden: LATITUDES
25.10.2011 IDKA (Institute ofDigital Arts) Gävle, Sweden: LATITUDES
22.06.2011 Royal Academy of Music, London: LATITUDES

Ephémère, Studio Loos, The Hague, Netherlands:CATARACT and LATITUDES

16.03.2011 Risk of Shock: Sonic Science, Bangor University: CATARACT
14.01.2011 Noisefloor Festival, Stafford: FAR-FROM-EQUILIBRIUM
02.11.2010 Exploring the Acousmatic Fabric of Space, City University, London: CATARACT (premier)
20.10.2010 l'Espace du Son, Metamorphoses Acousmatic Competiton, Brussels: ELEMENTAL CHEMISTRY (Prix Du Public)
03.06.2010 SSSP 2010, Leicester: ELEMENTAL CHEMISTRY
11.05.2010 Sound Studio Concert, City University: MICROCOSM
03.05.2010 Music Under the Influence of Computers, CRCA, University of California San Diego: ELEMENTAL CHEMISTRY
16.02.2010 Sound Studio Concert, City University: ELEMENTAL CHEMISTRY (premier)
11.01.2010 Resolution! festival, London: CHRONOSPHERE featured in the preformance of The Dying Small, by Danai Pappa.
01.2010 Elektramusic Radio playlist: ELEMENTAL CHEMISTRY
12.09.2009 Scarborough Electroacoustic Postgraduate Conference: FAR-FROM-EQUILIBRIUM
10.07.2009 Festival Miden, Kalamata, Greece: MICROCOSM
20.06.2009 GDA Cabaret, Borough Hall, London: MICROCOSM
06.2009 Elektramusic Radio playlist: SUBSTANCE
01.06.2009 Danca em Foco, Festival Internacional de Vídeo & Dança, Brazil: MICROCOSM
07.05.2009 SSSP09, De Montfort University, Leicester: FAR-FROM-EQUILIBRIUM
19.02.2009 City University Electroacoustic Concert Series: FAR-FROM-EQUILIBRIUM (premier)