05.12.2017 Matera Intermedia Festival. Live set.
17.11.2017 BEER, Dark Matter. Live Coding at University of Falmouth, UK.
15.11.2017 Research Seminar at University of Bournemouth, UK.
17.10.2017 ICMC 2017 International Computer Music Conference. Shanghai, China: Spheroid.
09-12.08.2017 TIES 2017 Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium, Toronto, Canada: Spheroid
06.07.2017 SMC 2017 Sound and Music Computing Conference, Espoo, Finland: Spheroid
08.06.2017 Institute of Sonology, The Hague: guest lecture.
08.06.2017 Ephémère, Studio Loos, The Hague, NL: live set.
02.06.2017 WFS Festival, MOOOF Den Haag, The Hague, NL: Elemental Chemistry.
29.04.2017 BEAST FEaST 2017. Elgar Concert Hall, Bramall Music Building, Birmingham: Spheroid.
11.02.2017 BEAST Pantry Session. Dome, Bramall Music Building, Birmingham: Spheroid (premier).
22.09.2016 University of Greenwich, London. Guest concert.
05-07.08.2016 CubeFest, Moss Arts Center, Cube and Perform Studio, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, US: live, site-specific.
03.06.2016 University of Cologne, Institute of Musicology: Guest lecture and concert
30.04.2016 BEAST FEaST 2016. Elgar Concert Hall, Bramall Music Building, Birmingham: Shale.
17.02.2016 CrossCurrents MiniBEAST. Dome, Bramall Music Building, Birmingam. Concert and research talk: Clinamen (Premier).
10.02.2016 Actress & LCO at Barbican, London w. Boiler Room: sound design.
31.10.2015 BEAST: Footsteps. Bramall Music Building, University of Birmingham: Latitudes.
25.10.2015 LCO Hub Session, Roundhouse, London: new live work.
04.06.2015 Klang! électroacoustique festival 2015, Montpellier, France: portrait concert.
12.05.2015 Sound/Place Exhibition, St. James Hatcham Gallery, New Cross, London: duo with Lee Fraser.
22.03.2015 Conzertsender Nederland Radio, Netherlands: CATABOLISMS
26.02.2015 Dissolve Specific Objects, Rye Wax, Peckham London: duo with Lee Fraser.
23.02.2015 Fylkingen at Cafe Oto: duo with Lee Fraser.
13.02.2015 Agony Art, Chisendale Dance Space, London: Microcosm (video screening).
07.02.2015 Sounding the Great Hall, Goldsmiths University: improv with Lee Fraser & Roberto Crippa.
04.02.2015 Bournemouth University: guest concert and talk.
10.12.2014 Power Lunches, Dalston: duo with Lee Fraser.
28.11.2014 Block 336, Brixton, Morphogenèse CD Launch, sound installation, electroacoustic concert, live duo Erik Nyström–Lee Fraser.
15.10.2014 L'Espace du Son Metamorphoses Competition Final: CATABOLISMS
10.10.2014 LCO/Boiler Room at Manchester Albert Hall: Live electronics with Oliver Coates (cello) for Michael Gordon's 'Industry'.
10.09.2014 LAMOUR STHLM, Fylkingen, Stockholm, SWE: duo with Lee Fraser
07.05.2014 Otosono 1.1. Forest Centre Plus, Edinburgh: LUCENT VOIDS
25.04.2014 Sweet Thunder Festival, San Fransisco, US: CATABOLISMS
04.12.2013 Journees Nationales de l' Electroacoustique 2013. Amiens, France: LATITUDES
15.11.2013 Greatest Hits contemporary music festival, Hamburg: LUCENT VOIDS
18.10.2013 Ambit – Erik Nyström and Peiman Khosravi. Everything Wants To Run exhibition, BLOCK 366, Brixton, London.

16.08.2013 ICMC 2013 (International Computer Music Conference), Perth: LUCENT VOIDS

03.08.2013 LCMF 2013 (London Contemporary Music Festival) at Bold Tendencies, Peckham Car Park, London: CATABOLISMS.
01.07.2013 Royal Academy of Music, London, 19:30: LUCENT VOIDS
05.06.2013 SSSP2013, DMU, Leicester, 19:00: CATABOLISMS
24.05.2013 Vanishing Point, BEAST, University of Birmingham, 21:00: LATITUDES
22.05.2013 SuperCollider Symposium 2013,.ATLAS Black Box Theatre, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, US: LUCENT VOIDS
10.05.2013 Blurred Edges Festival, Hamburg. Hochschule für Musik und Theater: LUCENT VOIDS, CATABOLISMS
29.04.2013 Acousmatica VIII: Äänisäteitä. Black Box, Helsinki Music Centre: MULTIVERSE
11.04.2013 Composing Spaces Festival, Institute of Sonology, The Hague: ELEMENTAL CHEMISTRY (Wave Field Synthesis version)
11.02.2013 Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Alexander Gibson Opera Studio: CATABOLISMS
31.01.2013 From Tape to TypeDef, Sheffield. The Drama Studio: LUCENT VOIDS
30.10.2012 Institute of Sonology WFS Concert, ANNA@KV20, The Hague: ELEMENTAL CHEMISTRY
16.10.2012 Alchemy & the Transmutation of Sonic Matter, Acousmatic Concert, City University: LUCENT VOIDS
13.09.2012 ICMC 2012, Irzu, Ljubljana: CATABOLISMS
21.06.2012 Royal Academy of Music, London: CATABOLISMS
19.06.2012 L'ull cec, Wave Field Synthesis concert #02, Fabra i Coats, Barcelona: CATARACT
14.06.2012-16.06.2012 SONAR 2012, Barcelona, Game of Life Wave Field Synthesis Demonstration: CATARACT & ELEMENTAL CHEMISTRY
17.04.2012 SuperCollider Symposium 2012, City Unuversity, London: CATABOLISMS
13.03.2012 Institute of Sonology, Wave Field Synthesis Concert, ANNA@KV20, The Hague: CATARACT
13.12.2011 Game of Life, Wave Field Synthesis Demo Concert, ANNA@KV20, The Hague: ELEMENTAL CHEMISTRY.
26.10.2011 Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden: LATITUDES
25.10.2011 IDKA (Institute ofDigital Arts) Gävle, Sweden: LATITUDES
22.06.2011 Royal Academy of Music, London: LATITUDES

Ephémère, Studio Loos, The Hague, Netherlands:CATARACT and LATITUDES

16.03.2011 Risk of Shock: Sonic Science, Bangor University: CATARACT
14.01.2011 Noisefloor Festival, Stafford: FAR-FROM-EQUILIBRIUM
02.11.2010 Exploring the Acousmatic Fabric of Space, City University, London: CATARACT (premier)
20.10.2010 l'Espace du Son, Metamorphoses Acousmatic Competiton, Brussels: ELEMENTAL CHEMISTRY (Prix Du Public)
03.06.2010 SSSP 2010, Leicester: ELEMENTAL CHEMISTRY
11.05.2010 Sound Studio Concert, City University: MICROCOSM
03.05.2010 Music Under the Influence of Computers, CRCA, University of California San Diego: ELEMENTAL CHEMISTRY
16.02.2010 Sound Studio Concert, City University: ELEMENTAL CHEMISTRY (premier)
11.01.2010 Resolution! festival, London: CHRONOSPHERE featured in the preformance of The Dying Small, by Danai Pappa.
01.2010 Elektramusic Radio playlist: ELEMENTAL CHEMISTRY
12.09.2009 Scarborough Electroacoustic Postgraduate Conference: FAR-FROM-EQUILIBRIUM
10.07.2009 Festival Miden, Kalamata, Greece: MICROCOSM
20.06.2009 GDA Cabaret, Borough Hall, London: MICROCOSM
06.2009 Elektramusic Radio playlist: SUBSTANCE
01.06.2009 Danca em Foco, Festival Internacional de Vídeo & Dança, Brazil: MICROCOSM
07.05.2009 SSSP09, De Montfort University, Leicester: FAR-FROM-EQUILIBRIUM
19.02.2009 City University Electroacoustic Concert Series: FAR-FROM-EQUILIBRIUM (premier)